Get your foot in to your pajamas at footed-pajamas. Not completed dedicated to footed pajamas but to all types of our favorite relaxing item pj’s.

Whoever invented pj’s deserves some kind of award although we are sure they got a good financial one. They so very comfortable and we love the fact that you can wake in the morning and spend the whole day in them without having to do anything. We have all done it have we not? You start the day convincing yourself that you will get dressed soon and then next thing you know its ten at night and the pajamas are still on – Guilty or Not Guilty? Guilty every time. Funnily enough these days coincide with a day of eating plenty of junk food – you know the drill – pancakes for breakfast, ice cream, chips and candy for lunch and a pizza delivered for dinner followed up with more ice cream.

And guess what, pj’s are the perfect attire for this kind of day and we love taking those kind of days as often as possible. To make those days even better, they can be shared with other members of the family who can also spend a relaxing day in comfort eating junk food and watching television.

This is what our website is all about, pajamas for the family, matching ones and at the forefront the mommy and me style ones. All family pj’s are amazing, look amazing and feel it and the whole family joins in with the general comfortable chill day. Mommy and me pajamas are terribly cute, we love them. They come in such adorable looks with beautiful colors and lovely patterns and whoever writes those messages knows how to get to a persons heart strings.

Footed style pajamas are very comfortable and have the added foot covering. This makes them similar to what is known as a onesie. These are super comfort all in one type pajamas in a warm soft, fleece material. Footed is our name but we understand having the style the covers the foot is not for every person so we also offer those more traditional styles that do not include the foot covering.

What we have are sized for the whole family which go from preemies to XXL adult size which come in many colors and variations. They can be purchased individually or as a matching set. We love the matching sets because it gets the whole family involved and not only for the lazy days. There are sets perfect for the Christmas season where you would probably spend much of the day not getting dressed as well as for many other festivities through the year.

They are not limited to these season holidays however or those lazy days. They are great to put on and just relax in the evening for movie night and popcorn or spending the night playing board games with the rest of the family.

Our real favorites which are mommy and me which are for her boy or girl are perfect for those days when mommy wants to have a day with her child just enjoying each others company and doing all the things they enjoy doing, playing with toys or making cakes. We hope you love these mommy and me pajamas as much as we do.

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